Duration2 days
Distance16. 2km
StartKhot- Lasht
Zone and Permitrestricted, no permit
Public Transportyes
SummaryKhot An is a gentle and panoramic pass that traverses the Hindu Raj Range through upland yak pastures and provides a short and direct route between Turikho and Yarkhun.


Khot An (4230m) is a grassy pass between Turikho’s Khot (Cloud) valley and Dizg in the Yarkhun Valley. It’s an ancient route, as shown by a three- tiered Buddhist stupa carved on a large boulder along the road from Turikho to Khot. The pass is regularly used by villagers of upper Khot to visit their relatives in Dizg. They make the trip in one day, but trekkers can enjoy the pretty yak pastures when taking two days. The trail is quite gentle on the Khot side, but the 8km descent to Dizg is tedious. Hence, the trek description is from west to east.



The US AMS 1:250,000 topographic map Mastuj (NJ 43- 13) covers the trek. It doesn’t give proper names for Ewatch and Purkhot. Shahglasht is labeled Shah Lasht and other herders’ huts aren’t shown.

Guides and Porters

Porters, who are easiest to hire in Khot Lasht, ask for a lump sum.


To the Start

Chitral- Khot Lasht jeeps (six hours). Special hires, and may go to Shahglasht for more money. Jeeps to Turikho have no fixed departure place in Chitral, so ask at the Mastuj jeep sarai just north of Ataliq Bridge or at the jeep workshop behind the petrol pump across from the PTDC Chitral Motel.

From the Finish           

Dizg- Mastuj jeeps and Special hires. Dizg- Chitral jeeps and special hires.


Day 1 : Khot Lasht to Shahglasht

3½- 4 hours, 4.7km, 372m ascent 

First, spend a night at Khot Lasht (3048m) for acclimatization. The road continues beyond Khot Lasht to Shahglasht. Follow the road one to 1½ hours to the bridge over the Khot Gol above Ewatch (3180m). Forty- five minutes farther, and across the river, is Purkhot, the valley’s highest year- round village. The highest houses, used in summer only, are another 30 minutes farther. Continue climbing another 45 minutes through rolling hills, then enter the level Shahglasht area, reaching a solar- powered weather station in another 15 minutes. Here, several streams join to form Khot Gol. Above and south- east of the weather station are the Pushet huts. Across the river to the north- west are the Jinali Shah huts, and upstream from them are the Tarwatin huts. The stream coming from the east is Warmin Gol, and from the north is Jacha Gol. A trail leads up it to the Ghochhar Gol and Ghochhar An, a high pass leading to Bang Gol see (see Hindu Raj Crest under Other Treks,). Across from Tarwatin on the Jacha Gol’s true left bank are the Jharogh huts. Camp in the meadows at ShahgLasht (3780m) and visit the herders’ huts, where porters appreciate being able to stay.

Day 2 : Shahglasht to Dizg

5- 7 hours, 11.5km, 450m ascent, 1730m descent

Follow the trail up the Warmin Gol’s true left bank passing between two large rocky hills. As the stream bears to the north (left), continue straight, reaching a level grassy area called Graz, 1¼ hours from Shahglasht. This is a good alternative high camp to Shahglasht when your porters are equipped to sleep at 3900m.

Beyond Graz 30 minutes is another grassy area called Truskho Chhat (3950m). This is the last reliable water until over the Khot An, and the last possible camp site. Bear south- south- east, passing below the base of the large rock face. Reach a Knoll in 15 minutes and turn south- east towards the Khot An, which is first visible from the small knoll. Reach Khot An (4230m) 30 minutes from the Knoll. Yaks graze on the pass is summer. Ahead and east are the peaks above Thui. Behind to the west are the high Hindu kush peaks, including infrequently seen Akher Chhish (7019m) at the Uzhnu Gol’s head. Descend south- south- east across scree 30 minutes to a small, cold spring. This is the only water until Dizg! Contour around the valley’s south slopes, with fine views of the Shandur range and Yarkhun Valley below. After one to 1½ hours, reach a ridge directly above Yarkhun, and turn north- east heading down the ridge top. After passing a solitary juniper, Zigzag down the ridge’s east face one hour on a steep, loose gravel trail. Then descend a steep gully between fantastic eroded loess towers on loose gravel another hour to the valley floor. Follow a trail across the alluvial fan 30 minutes to the jeeps road into Dizg (2500m), and another 15 minutes to the shops. Shopkeepers of this pleasant well watered Isma’ ili village can offer trekkers grassy areas to camp.

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