Hunza, Nagar,

Daintar Pass

This semi- loop alpine trek crosses a pass and explores interesting side valleys north of the lower Hunza River.

Hunza, Nagar,

Barpu Glacier

Trails along the tree- lined upper glacier lead directly to the vertical granite north face of Spantik, or Golden Peak.

Hunza, Nagar,

Rush Phari

Incredible views of distant k2, Baintha Brak, the Hispar La and close ups of the Hispar Muztagh’s giants make this a truly unforgettable trek.

Hunza, Nagar,


This steep, but short, trek leads to a stunning glacial amphitheatre beneath the snowy summit of 7388m Ultar.

Hunza, Nagar,

Rakaposhi Base Camp

One of the shortest and easiest treks leading to a 7000m Karakoram peak base camp with sweeping views from Rakaposhi to Diran.

Hunza, Nagar,

Pakora Pass

A fine introduction to Karakoram trekking, this route has alpine meadows, a small glacier, a not- too- high pass, incredible scenery and it’s easily accessible from Gilgit.


Other Treks in Nagar

The following treks are all in an open zone. Chaprot, Baltar and Toltar Glaciers, Baltar Glacier, Toltar Glacier, Bualtar Glacier, Mamu Bar