Diran Base Camp
Duration4 days
Zone and Permitopen, no permit
Public Transportyes
SummaryA short and easily accessible trek goes to the seldom- seen incredible south wall of the Rakaposhi- Diran ridge and Diran Base Camp.

Rakaposhi and Diran, two towering Karakoram peaks, rise directly above Hinarche Harai, the local name for Diran Base Camp. A 16km- long ice ridge connects the peaks, and the Bagrot and Upper Hinarche glaciers roll down their flanks. The spectacular base camp is an easy two- day walk up the Hinarche Glacier from the head of the Bagrot Valley, just a short jeep ride from Gilgit.

Two routes lead to Hinarche Harai from the Bagrot Valley. The trail described here follows the Hinarche Glacier’s east margin from Chirah and crosses the Upper Hinarche glacier to Base Camp. The alternatively route begins in Bulche, follows the Hinarche Glacier’s west margin to Yurbun, a seasonal village in a grassy ablation valley, then crosses the Bagrot Glacier. Because this route is longer, more heavily crevassed and requires roping up, it’s less frequently used. The six- hours to Yurbun, however, are pleasant walking through forest and cultivated areas.



The Swiss foundation for Alpine Research 1:250,000 orographical map Karakoram (Sheet 1) covers the trek, but omits place names along the Hinarche Glacier. Hinarche Harai is mistakenly shown as being in the middle of the Upper Hinarche Glacier.

Guider and Porters

Porters ask for Rs 160 per stage plus payment for food rations. Porters don’t ask for the clothing and equipment allowance. Hire someone to show the way safely across the glacier. Men in Datuchi and Chirah have worked as scholars’ assistants and happily share their knowledge of local lore.


Gilgit- Chirah jeeps depart from Gilgit’s Garhi Bagh (between NLI Chowk and the GPO) around midday, returning early the next morning. Special hires one way/round trip. Don’t take the bus to Jalalabad, which has no connections to Bagrot. It takes 1¼ hours to Sinakkar, 1½ hours to Datuchi and two hours to Chirah.

The Trek

Day 1 : Chirah to Biyabari

2 hours, 7km, 200m ascent

Chirah’s welcoming Bagrote Sarai (37 Oshikandas), which has grassy camp sites and prepares food, is the staging place. From Chirah (2700m), follow the trail along the Bagrot River’s true left bank, past the confluence with the Hinarche Glacier’s outwash stream. Cross a footbridge to the true right (north) bank of the Burche Glacier’s outwash stream. Follow the Hinarche Glacier’s east margin to Biyabari (2900m), a grassy area with Chir pine trees just below Diran Village.

Day 2 : Biyabari to Hinarche Harai

10- 12 hours, 10km, 1100m ascent

Several significant slides along the Hinarche Glacier’s east margin make this a long day. At the end of the long ablation valley, cross the Upper Hinarche Glacier in one to two hours to Hinarche Harai (Diran Base Camp, 4000m), which is a summer herders’ settlement.

Days 3- 4 : Hinarche Harai to Chirah

2 days, 17km, 1300m descent

Retrace your steps to Chirah, camping at Biyabari on Day 3.

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