Duration 5 days
Standard moderate
Zone and Permitrestricted, US$50 permit
Public Transportyes
Summary The Tsarak Tsa Valley, the route to k7 Base Camp, is a tantalising trek for admirers and climbers of big rock walls alike.

K7 (6934m), first climbed in 1984 by a Japanese expedition, and Link Sar (7041m) form a ridge north-east of the upper Tsarak Tsa Glacier. K7’s granite face is one of the world’s largest. K6 (7281m) is on the ridge south of the upper glacier. The area between Spangser and K7 Base Camp is a climber’s paradise, with several 5000m peaks and tons of unclimbed granite.



The Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research 1:250,000 orographical map Karakoram (sheet 2) covers the trek. Tsarak Tsa is the Balti name for the glacier that is incorrectly labeled as Charakusa. Spangser is labeled as Supanset and Tikchumik as Techimic.

Permits and Regulations

This trek is in a restricted zone where a permit and licensed guide are requires (see Trekking Permits,).


It is eight stages total round trip from Hushe: (1) Shaishcho; (2) Tikchumik; (3) Spangser; (4) K7 Base Camp; and (5-8) four stages to return via the same route.


See Hushe (p).


Day 1 : Hushe to Shaishcho

4 hours, 9.3km, 280m ascent

See Day 1 of the Gondogoro Valley trek (p) for directions.

Day 2 : Shaishcho to Spangser

4 hours, 8.5km, 670m ascent

Head east from Shaishcho into the ablation valley north of the Tsarak Tsa Glacier. The sharp spires of K7 and Link Sar are visible ahead. Tikchumik (small spring), which is in the ablation valley at the base of the ridge west of the Chogolisa Glacier, has good water. Continue along the base of the ridge to the Chogolisa Glacier’s west margin. Cross this glacier to the green and flowered Spangser above the confluence of the Chogolisa and Tsarak Tsa glaciers. Spangser (4000m) is the highest pasture and is used mid-July to mid-August. Granite slabs rise above Spangser (in Balti spang means ‘meadows’; ser, a ‘place to walk about’) and Namika (6325m) towers across the Tsarak Tsa Glacier.

Day 3 : Spangser to K7 Base Camp   

4 hours, 11km, 600m ascent

Continue through the ablation valley north of the Tsarak Tsa Glacier, at times over difficult terrain, to K7 Base Camp (4600m).

Days 4-5 : K7 Base Camp to Hushe

2 days, 28.8km, 1550m descent

Follow the trail to Hushe, camping at Shaishcho on Day 4.



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