Lohigal An

Forested slopes, meadows, springs, wildflowers, friendly herders, big snowy peaks and a gentle pass make this one of Chitral’s most enjoyable treks.


Asumbar Haghost

This culturally and linguistically diverse trek through alpine meadows crosses a gentle pass with sweeping vistas.


Punji Pass

This traverse of the Hindu Raj Range, through unspoiled traditional valleys with spring- fed meadows and superb alpine vistas, crosses a straightforward pass with opportunities for climbs and first ascents.


Zagaro An

Northern Pakistan’s most challenging non-glaciated pass traverse unvisited valleys between Ghizar and Chitral, offering opportunity for exploration and alpine climbs.

Hunza, Nagar,

Daintar Pass

This semi- loop alpine trek crosses a pass and explores interesting side valleys north of the lower Hunza River.

Hunza, Nagar,

Barpu Glacier

Trails along the tree- lined upper glacier lead directly to the vertical granite north face of Spantik, or Golden Peak.

Hunza, Nagar,

Rush Phari

Incredible views of distant k2, Baintha Brak, the Hispar La and close ups of the Hispar Muztagh’s giants make this a truly unforgettable trek.

Hunza, Nagar,


This steep, but short, trek leads to a stunning glacial amphitheatre beneath the snowy summit of 7388m Ultar.



Being at lofty Avdegar gives the feeling of looking down at immense glaciers and peaks from a helicopter, with the area’s amazing aerial-like views of the KKH and Passu far below.


Batura Glacier

The classic trek along a glant Karakoram glacier passes beneath the peaks of the imposing Batura Wall and Batura Ice Floes with some of the Karakoram’s best mountain scenery.


Lupgar Sar Base Camp

Shimshal’s oldest summer pastures with awesome views of 7000m peaks and large glacier are just a short walk from the roadhead.


Chogo Lungma Glacier

Traditional Balti culture, flower-filled meadows and superb alpine scenery reward trekkers who come to this seldom-visited valley and giant glacier