The following treks are all in an open zone.


Sinakkar to Dainyor

An easy three- day trek links Sinakkar village in the Bagrot Valley with Dainyor on the KKH east of Gilgit. The route is usually snow- free mid-June to mid- September, through it’s best to go when herders are in the pastures late June to late August. Hire Sinakkar villagers who work as local guides/porters since the route isn’t shown on maps. On Day 1, go from Sinakkar to Walo, the pasture for Sinakkar herders, in four to five hours. On Day 2 cross the 4000m ridge with views of Nanga Parbat and descend to Munugah, the pasture for Dainyor villagers, in five or six hours. On Day 3, descend to Dainyor in four or five hours. Suzukis go regularly from Dainyor to Gilgit.

Hopey to Bilchar

An easy day trek begins in Bagrot Valley’s Hopey village and heads south- east over a 3100m ridge to Bilchar village (2300m) in Bilchar Gah. Trekkers meet herders and have fine views of Bilchar Dobani (6134m). It takes three to four hours to reach Taisot and another hour to descend to Bilchar.


Kutwal Lake

Kutwal Lake (3260m), at the head of Haramosh Valley, nestles along the Mani Glacier’s north margin, surrounded by meadows and pine and birch forest, with views of Mani (6685m), Haramosh, and Malubiting’s south face. The easy six- day trek to Kutwal Lake is best done between mid-June and September. It’s often done after crossing Rakhan Gali (see the Rakhan Gali trek,).

On Day 1, follow the jeep road, which turns north off the Gilgit- Skardu road by the bridge over the Phuparash River, north from Sassi 2km along the Phuparash River, to Dassu (marked as Dache on maps) on the bluffs above the river’s east side. On Day 2, the trail stays along the true left bank, first climbing steeply and then continuing to Iskere (2500m). Dassu villagers graze livestock and cut timber here May to December. One kilometer above Iskere is a good camp site near the Mani Glacier’s snout with views up the Baska Glacier of Malubiting and Laila. On Day 3, cross the river on a footbridge to Gure, a south- facing pasture, and continue east crossing the Baska Glacier’s outwash stream to the summer village to Kutwal. Day 4 takes you along the Mani Glacier’s north margin to Kutwal Lake. Beyond Kutwal Lake, a route continues to Haramosh La (see p). Retrace your steps, reaching Sassi on Day 6.

Sassi is on the Gilgit- Skardu road 1½ hours from Gilgit. Daily Gilgit- Skardu NATCO and Mashabrum Tours buses pass through. Most vehicles get fuel at Sassi’s petrol pump. A restaurant is nearby. A Daily wagon goes to Sassi in mid- afternoon from Shaheed-e- Millat Rd near Gilgit’s Jamat Khana Bazaar, and returns from Sassi around 7am the next day.

It’s eight stages total round trip from Sassi: (1) Dassu; (2) Iskere; (3) Kutwal; (4) Kutwal Lake; and (5-8) four stages to return via the same route.

Haramosh Base Camp

The easy approach to Haramosh Base Camp starts from Sassi village, crosses the Chonga ridge (3300m), then descends to Ishkapal village (2740m). From Ishkapal, it’s a short walk up the Ishkapal Glacier’s south margin to Bariyabu (3600m), beneath Haramosh’s south- west face.

Phuparash Glacier

Attractive Phuparash (6574m) is visible from this trek’s start. From Sassi, head upvalley to Dassu. Beyond Dassu cross the river and follow the Phuparash River’s true left (east) bank to Phuparash pastures. The easy trek is usually done in two days. Miar, the Phuparash peaks, and Malubiting (7458m) form a very imposing, steep corniced wall above the glacier.

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