Lohigal An

Forested slopes, meadows, springs, wildflowers, friendly herders, big snowy peaks and a gentle pass make this one of Chitral’s most enjoyable treks.
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Asumbar Haghost

This culturally and linguistically diverse trek through alpine meadows crosses a gentle pass with sweeping vistas.
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Punji Pass

This traverse of the Hindu Raj Range, through unspoiled traditional valleys with spring- fed meadows and superb alpine vistas, crosses a straightforward pass with opportunities for climbs and first ascents.
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Zagaro An

Northern Pakistan’s most challenging non-glaciated pass traverse unvisited valleys between Ghizar and Chitral, offering opportunity for exploration and alpine climbs.
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Daintar Pass

This semi- loop alpine trek crosses a pass and explores interesting side valleys north of the lower Hunza River.
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Barpu Glacier

Trails along the tree- lined upper glacier lead directly to the vertical granite north face of Spantik, or Golden Peak.
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Trek Duration

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Best Season

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