Karambar An and Darkot An

    This trek ascends the glacially carved Karambar Valley across a meadow- and lake- filled pass to Pamir grasslands, then crosses a historic glaciated pass into the Incredibly scenic Darkot Valley, which features springs and tumbling icefalls.
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    Owir An

    This popular and easily accessible trek crosses a ridge- top pass along the southern flanks of mighty Tirich Mir, visiting friendly villages along the way.
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    Being at lofty Avdegar gives the feeling of looking down at immense glaciers and peaks from a helicopter, with the area’s amazing aerial-like views of the KKH and Passu far below.
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    K7 Base Camp

    The Tsarak Tsa Valley, the route to k7 Base Camp, is a tantalising trek for admirers and climbers of big rock walls alike.
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    Other Treks in BALTISTAN

    The following Baltistan treks are all in an open zone, except where noted below. Ganto La, DEOSAI, Alampi La and Banak La, Trango Pir Pass and Harpo La, Panmah Glacier
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    Rakaposhi Base Camp

    One of the shortest and easiest treks leading to a 7000m Karakoram peak base camp with sweeping views from Rakaposhi to Diran.
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    Other Treks in Chitral

    The following treks are all in an open zone. Chitral Gol National Park, KALASHA VALLEYS, Bohok Pass, Besti An and Lutkho An, SHISHI and GOLEN
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    Naz Bar An Yasin Valley

    Naz Bar An

    This challenging route takes adventurous trekkers through wild and rugged scenic alpine country via a high pass with plenty of opportunity for exploration and peak bagging.
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    Rush Phari

    Incredible views of distant k2, Baintha Brak, the Hispar La and close ups of the Hispar Muztagh’s giants make this a truly unforgettable trek.
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    Punji Pass

    This traverse of the Hindu Raj Range, through unspoiled traditional valleys with spring- fed meadows and superb alpine vistas, crosses a straightforward pass with opportunities for climbs and first ascents.
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