Diamir, Gilgit,


A quick, easy approach through lovely meadows leads to the base camp of Nanga Parbat’s enormous Rupal Face.

Diamir, Gilgit,

Mazeno La

This glaciated pass brings trekkers close to the Mazeno Peaks in a traverse of the southern flanks of the Nanga Parbat massif.

Hunza, Nagar,

Pakora Pass

A fine introduction to Karakoram trekking, this route has alpine meadows, a small glacier, a not- too- high pass, incredible scenery and it’s easily accessible from Gilgit.


Gondogoro Valley

This challenging trek up one of Karakoram’s most spectacular valleys crosses an impressive glacier and passes astounding icefalls and enchantingly peaks.


Masherbrum Base Camp

One of the easiest and quickest treks to the base camp of a Karakoram giant, this trek has superb close-up views of Masherbrum.


Baltoro Glacier

The world-renowned Baltoro Glacier has some of the planet’s most amazing scenery. In a procession of mind-blowing rock towers and shining peaks all the way to K2 Base Camp.


Thui An

An outstanding and popular traverse over a relatively easy pass, surrounded by tumbling glaciers and jagged 6000m peaks, this trek passes through traditional villages and links Yasin and Chitral.


Kachakani An

This trek through forested glades and flower- filled meadows along sparkling trout streams leads over the high Kachakani An from intimidating Swat into more peaceful Chitral


Qachqar-e-Dur and Shpodeen Pass

Unvisited and incredibly scenic, this loop trek crosses a spectacular snow-covered pass and offers perhaps the Karakoram’s best blue sheep watching.


Tirich Mir Base Camp

Tirich Mir, the Hindu kush’s highest peak, rises above a vast wilderness of glaciers and 20 other impressive 7000m summits, making this a trek into the very centre of the high Hindu kush.


Boisum and Chafchingol Passes

This classic traverse showcases the alpine splendour of the Ghuzherav Mountains as it follows cascading streams through meadows and crosses two dramatic passes.

Chitral, Ghizar,

Karambar An and Darkot An

This trek ascends the glacially carved Karambar Valley across a meadow- and lake- filled pass to Pamir grasslands, then crosses a historic glaciated pass into the Incredibly scenic Darkot Valley, which features springs and tumbling icefalls.